5 Facts About SPLYT (SHOPX)

  1. Every e-commerce non-fungible token (eNFT) has sales data and meta data that follow the eNFT through its lifespan in the ecosystem. This allows for tracking of sales, reviews, and retained value of items.
  2. eNFTs are attached to an auto-updating global inventory that prevents double sales of out-of-stock items. As soon as an item is sold out, it’s removed from any site or affiliate link. When it’s back in stock, the item is relisted on every site that previously offered it.
  3. For high volume items, a master eNFT contract is created for the amount of items (e.g., 10,000 keychains), and every time one of those items is purchased a nested eNFT is minted until the last one is sold. The platform can easily handle one-off luxury items or mass-produced goods.
  4. Affiliate link rewards can be preloaded into smart contracts. Every time a customer buys something through an affiliate link you post, the smart contract executes and delivers your reward. The platform allows you to create a web store comprised entirely of affiliate links. This is a quick and easy way to add a revenue stream to a personal blog or website.
  5. Splyt offers DeFi Inventory Lending. If you have bad credit or no credit, you can use your inventory as collateral to secure funding. Based on the sales data of the inventory, a lender and borrower can negotiate interest rates and repayment deadlines. A portion of the money from items sold goes toward paying off the loan. If the borrower defaults, the lender can liquidate the inventory in a fire sale and recoup the money.

Recent Partnerships:

Morningstar Ventures

Spark Digital Capital

About Splyt

The Splyt protocol is an open-source blockchain inventory observed to be “the next generation of e-commerce”, the next biggest step in digital commerce since the mass-adoption of the internet. A bold statement, but the vision and technology is promising to deliver.

Splyt bridges the gap between brands and consumers in a rapidly changing climate. Splyt’s blockchain eNFT inventory database enables effortless & transparent sales, streamlines multi-platform affiliate sales, and eliminates liability between e-commerce platforms and supply chain.

Website: Splytcore.org

Telegram: Splyt Official Announcements

Medium: Splytcore

Twitter: @splytcore

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