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NFT Car Racing and Wallet Staking Grow Your Portfolio

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Chart after chart. Green candle after green candle. Portfolios with the up arrow.

It’s exciting. But it doesn’t last, does it?

It gets boring during downtimes, sideways charts drive people crazy, and popular crypto Twitter accounts become quiet. The wait for action feels like an eternity as you’re stuck alone watching screens for most of your day, except for when you read trading forums. And unlike the stock market, you don’t get evening and weekend breaks.

These lulls are why crypto trading gamification, especially with teams, is the next big thing.

IOI is at the forefront of it by integrating the three things crypto traders love: gaming, trading, and NFTs. Their brand goal is: ‘Let’s make trading fun again.’

They’ve delivered this with their play-to-earn trading model.

It’s interesting to note the effect that trading gamification will have, especially on new crypto traders who don’t understand the crypto market. Most people find trading gets complicated with ratios, technical analysis, and so on. IOI’s immersive team game experience aims to change that.

The adrenaline rush of winning a game or trade becomes so much more potent when you mix competition and team spirit.

Consequently, the learning curve would also decrease, which would help bring more people into the community. Traders will be more confident, especially with a team backing their trades and celebrating their wins with instant rewards, tournaments, and leaderboards.

In a market filled with tall promises, cryptocurrencies that already have a strong team or working product are rare. However, IOI is on fire with its active Trade Race Manager, Nitro wallet, multiple investments from names like GBV capital, and a solid social trading platform.

IOI’s Current products

Trade Race Manager

Before investing in any project, you should get a feel for their products and use them. In this case, it means driving your trading race car around a block or two.

Trade Race Manager (TRM) is already a successful multiplayer crypto trading game that lets you race against other traders with race cars. The fuel for these cars is your trading strategy, and the cars compete with each other in a ‘trading race.’

The game also deals with NFTs and offers an option to stake the cars to earn rewards.

The TRM uses Polygon technology, a Layer 2 ETH solution that tackles the Ethereum network’s expensive gas and scalability issues. Polygon makes the collaboration process easier, faster, and cheaper.

IOI Nitro Wallet

IOI has a unique wallet called Nitro wallet. You can use this wallet to deposit and withdraw Tron (TRX) or IOI, along with many other cryptocurrencies.

If you’re looking to buy NFTs, the IOI wallet offers that as a native function. You can even stake the NFT cars for more rewards on the platform with both custody and non-custody solutions.

Nitro wallet has become a significant player in the crypto wallet space despite immense competition. Part of that success can be attributed to the whopping 36% APY the wallet offers on some tokens. Combine that with the 10% referral bonus — and you’re sitting on a lot of passive gains.

It’s not just about the passive money, though. The wallet comes integrated with TradingView tools to help you make better entries and exit using technical analysis. These features are available through a seamless real-time mobile app, which means you can trade your crypto anytime and anywhere.

It’s the perfect mix of utility and incentive to nudge potential investors in their direction.

IOI’s Top NFT Avatar — Mr. Rich

When you combine a solid social gaming product with IOI’s level of story branding, brand conviction goes up a notch.

‘Mr. Rich’ is the main ‘driver’ of their brand and one of their legendary avatars. Their Youtube channel features him in different situations but always coming out on top. It makes the audience aspire to reach that level and adds to the gamification’s ‘reward’ aspect.

How do you make money with IOI Token?

Now that you know about all the products that IOI offers let’s talk about how they can work in your favor.


Pick a game, choose three cryptocurrencies and then race on!

As a free user, you can take part in free races, activities, and tournaments with IOI or TRX tokens. Premium players will have access to many more features like teams, Tron races, and adventure races to gain more rewards.

So, whether you’re copy trading or using TradingView tools, you have the resources you need to participate and win!

NFT rewards

IOI combines the ‘collectible’ feature of NFTs with utility. Their NFT cars do not just have collectible value; they are a core feature of the Trade Race Manager’s racing architecture.

Each NFT car you hold brings you rewards. For example, the minimum premium for a standard car is 0.10 IOI/day. If you own rare or common NFT car editions, the minimum jumps to 20.51 IOI/day. The team also has plans to expand the NFT market by including avatars, car stations, tracks, and much more.

The NFTs themselves are inherently liquid, so you can sell them in open marketplaces like the Arcane Network. And since the NFT transactions will run on the Matic Network, you won’t have to deal with high gas fees.

Affiliate & Referral Rewards

Since IOI is in the community-building stage, their affiliate program is pretty lucrative. Currently, there are four stages of the affiliate program: Common, Super, Epic, and Legendary.

Beyond the Common level, the stages require you to hold IOI tokens and be an active participant in the races. Based on your level, you’ll get 0.5% to 2% affiliate turnover and 3–20% commission from every NFT.

IOI Token: The Next Disruptor in The Trading Game?

With a fully functional mobile app, exciting tournaments, highly active social media, and a money-minting wallet, the offer to buy IOI NFTs is pretty tempting.

Don’t take my word for it. IOI’s IDO on the PAID network sold out in a couple of hours, even with high gas fees, putting the token at an initial market cap of $1.06M.

The roadmap looks promising, with car trading pools and their recent launch. The company also has plans to launch a marketplace to give back to society, a 3d car racing game on Steam called MotoTrade, and a social crypto trading platform.

So, if you’re looking for a token to keep on your radar for 2021, this is it. It’s definitely on mine!

Written by Lipsa Das

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